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The UK's National Maritime Single Window (NMSW), has now been launched as a pilot.Throughout the pilot, existing reporting arrangements will remain available with the pilot NMSW running alongside these until at least summer 2016.

During this pilot stage, only General Declarations (FAL 1), and Passenger/Crew manifests (FAL 5 &6) can be submitted. The information provided will be available only for Customs and Security/Immigration purposes by Border Force and Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC).

During The pilot NMSW, data provided will not be accessible to:
  • Ports (inc. Port Facility Security Officers and Port Community Systems);
  • Local Authorities (including Port Health Authorities);
  • Freight handlers, freight forwarders or logistics operators;
  • Trade bodies or trades unions;
  • Ship operators;
  • Ships' customers, crew/passengers, or owners;
  • Any other party or organisation.

  • Therefore, any documentation or reports currently sent to the parties above must continue to be sent via existing methods (e.g. email, fax, and/or post).

    All parties are encouraged to use the NMSW as much as possible during this pilot phase so as to become familiar with the system.